Why WordPress?

In the early days of WordPress it was known as a piece of software that you can use when you start a new blog. More than 10 years later, WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging tool to a solid and simple CMS that that powers nearly 25% of all websites on the Internet.

WordPress is flexible, secure, easy to maintain and allows you to enhance it with a number of features. Every Webpage that runs on WordPress can be maintained on the go and is accessible once you have an Internet connection. For you, creating content is just as simple as writing an email, and best of all, you don't have to know HTML or any other coding tricks.

Why Genesis?

Genesis is a theme framework for WordPress. A theme framework simplifies the development of websites and makes it easier to re-use existing code. It means that I can concentrate on building the things that make your site unique while the foundation and the basics are provided by Genesis. Genesis is well known in the WordPress community and I can totally recommend it.

Genesis provides these things out of the box:

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